Green’s Dictionary of Slang

hackney n.

[14C SE hackney horse, a run-of-the-mill horse, i.e. not a warhorse or hunter, which was used for everyday riding and subseq. typified as the sort of horse available for hire]

1. (also hackney jade, hackney lady, hackney-mare, hackster) a prostitute; also attrib. (see cite 1639); occas. as a v.

[UK]Skelton Mannerly Margery Mylk and Ale line 11: I am no hackney for your rode.
[UK]S. Gosson An Apologie of the School of Abuse (1868) 66: Venus a notorious strumpet, that lay with Mars, with Mercurie [...] with Adones, that taught the women in Cyprus to set vp a Stewes, too hyre out them selues as hackneies, for gaine.
[UK]Greene Blacke Bookes Messenger 12: She was [...] the commonest harlot and hackster that euer made fray vnder the shadowe of Colman hedge.
[UK]Nashe Choise of Valentines (1899) 5: Thither went I, and bouldlie made enquire If they had hackneis to lett-out to hire.
[UK]Marston Jacke Drums Entertainment Act I: The zealous bent of Councellors solide cares is trampled on By eury hacknies heeles.
[UK]Rowlands Crew of Kind Gossips 18: Taffity Queanes, and fine light silken Whores [...] That daily goe like Ladies in attire, And live by hackning out themselves to hire.
[UK]Dekker Canting Song O per se O O2: Take heede thou, too, thou hackney-mare who ne’er art ridden, but paid.
[UK]J. Swetnam Araignment of Lewd, Idle, Froward, and unconstant Women 30: A common hackney for everyone that will ride.
[UK]T. Cranley (prisoner) Amanda or the Reformed Whore 37: Thou art a Hackney, that have off beene ride.
[UK]R. Brome Damoiselle V i: Your Hackney-jade to fetch your Chapman in.
[UK]J. Taylor Crabtree Lectures 44: Nay more, thou keepest thy hackny Whoors: They stand at the bottle (of Sacke and Clarret).
[UK] ‘To His Mistress’ in Wardroper (1969) 140: I cannot visit Hyde Park every day / And with a hackney court my time away.
[UK]Urquhart (trans.) Gargantua and Pantagruel (1927) I Bk II 333: He assembled three or four especial good hacksters and roaring boys.
[UK]R. Brathwait Honest Ghost 94: A gaudy-giddy-giglet is convei’d, A virgin pure, as any Hackney Maid [...] A rare sense-seazing Tweake, whose Speaking eyes And Spintrian art, compleat this Enterprise.
[UK]Wandring Whore I 11: She told him, for whores and Hackney Jades, their hire must be payd before strieing [sic] them.
[Ire]Head Eng. Rogue I 102: I called Mercury Pimp, the nine Sister Whores [...] the best title I could bestow on Pegasus was Hackney-Jade.
[UK]J. Wade Vinegar and Mustard B: Thou shouldst well know, that I was never such a jade as to tire as thou didst, thou common Hackney thou? for when thou and a fellow was a doing I know what thou didst cry, Dig on, dig on, which is enough, enough in your pocky welch language [...] that was the trick of a jade to tire.
[Ire]Head Canting Academy (2nd edn) 62: The Jades will prove common Hacknies upon every slight occasion.
[UK]S. Butler Hudibras Pt III canto 1 lines 591–2: That is no more than every lover Does from his hackney-lady suffer.
[UK]London Jilt pt 2 107: Those Nymphs, who like Hackney Horses are ready to serve every one.
[UK]J. Dunton Night-Walker Dec. 9: A Hackney must be always content with a Hackneys price.
[UK]London-Bawd (1705) 2: She is never without a store of Hackney Jades, which she will let any one Ride.
[UK]N. Ward Hudibras Redivivus II:2 26: And tho’ a common hackney Jade, / This will restore a Punk a Maid.
[UK]New Canting Dict. [as cit. c.1698].
[UK]Cleland Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (1985) 10: Allowance being made for the havoc which a long course of hackney-ship and hot waters must have made of her constitution.
[UK]The Tricks of the Town Laid Open (4 edn) 68: Hire a Hackney Whore, as your Citizens do their Horses, for a Journey, and no more.
[UK]J. Wilkes Essay on Woman 15: Ask of thy Mother’s Cunt why she was made / Of lesser Bore than Cow or hackney’d Jade?
[UK]Bridges Burlesque Homer (3rd edn) 123: I’ve been ten years his hackney jade, / But now I’m weary of the trade.
[UK]G.A. Stevens Adventures of a Speculist II 189: This victim was but just rose from one of those impure hackneys.

2. a pimp.

Chapman Bussy D’Ambois III ii: Thou would’st turn Hackster to any whore, slave to any Jew.

3. (UK Und.) a penny; thus half a hackney, a halfpenny.

[UK]Duncombe New and Improved Flash Dict.