Green’s Dictionary of Slang

perisher n.2

a person, often in a derog. sense, and often, as little perisher, applied to a child.

[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 25 Apr. 5/2: By this time the unofficial audience of one (a 40-acre perisher from the intestinal segment of the district) had been formally arrested on suspicion of lunacy by the solitary guardian of the peace, who was easily persuaded by his captive to take him to the nearest shanty in lieu of the nearest lockup prescribed by the law.
[Aus]‘G.G.’ Sporting Sketches in Sportsman (Melbourne) (18/10/1898) 5/7: ‘You don’t know [...] wot made a sraight perisher of ’im in the end’.
[UK]A.N. Lyons Arthur’s 106: Poor ole perisher’s ’fraid to come in, ’e is.
[UK]‘Sapper’ Human Touch 35: ‘Was it you who killed him?’ ‘Sure thing. An’ the next perisher too.’.
[UK]Wodehouse Right Ho, Jeeves 6: It must have a nasty jar for the poor perisher.
[US]W.A. Gape Half a Million Tramps 300: ‘You perisher!’ he said.
[UK]C. Day Lewis Otterbury Incident 137: Yurr, Johnny, these little perishers’ve —.
[UK]J. Gosling Ghost Squad 61: [of a pony] Jackie here. He’s a perisher! He’ll eat anything!
[UK](con. 1920s) J. Sparks Burglar to the Nobility 35: You perisher, I’ll flaming murder you!
[UK]E. Bond Saved Scene vii: Why the bloody ’ell bring the little perisher out that time a night?
[UK](con. 1940s) J. Wolveridge Ain’t it Grand 91: If I could have caught the perisher I would have killed him.