Green’s Dictionary of Slang

schnozzola n.

also shnozolla
[ext. of schnozzle n.]

the nose.

[US]B. Appel Brain Guy (1937) 91: Don’t your Irish Dutch Wop customers complain about those schnozzolas?
[US]B. Cerf Anything For a Laugh 206: A brat at the circus starts shovin’ peanuts up my schnozzola.
[US]Kerouac letter 25 Apr. in Charters I (1995) 399: For 3 days my eyes watered with migraine pain from that swollen schnozzola.
[Can]M. Richler Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1964) 221: I’ve always got my shnozolla to the grindstone too.
[US]W. Randle ‘Payola’ in AS XXXVI:2 109: Slang is a large repository of words ending in -ola [...] : schnozzola.
[US]P. Conroy Great Santini (1977) 254: He got pissed off at everyone with a big schnozzola.
[US](con. 1966) P. Conroy Lords of Discipline 36: Speaking of noses [...] You could land a DC-8 on that schnozzola of yours.
Longview News-Jrnl (TX) 17 Feb. 4/3: Big Brother Bozo [...] decided to stick a piece of soap up his own schnozolla.