Green’s Dictionary of Slang

whip n.2

1. (Aus.) rum; esp. in phr. crack of the whip [its effects; i.e. one is ‘whipped’ into action].

[Aus]‘Nino Culotta’ Gone Fishin’ 66: What about another drop o’ whip before all friendship ceases? [Ibid.] 70: ‘Nino will have a beer.’ ‘And a crack o’ the whip for a chaser.’.

2. (US) someone of above-average intelligence [SE smart as a whip].

[US]L. Block Diet of Treacle (2008) 78: You’ve got to be a whip to get into Cooper Union.

SE in slang uses

In phrases

drink on the whip (v.)

see under drink v.

under the whip

(Aus.) at a disadvantage.

[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 27 Aug. 36/1: Phæbe had the picnic under the whip. She domineered over the assemblage, [...] flushed with power, and still eager for mischief.
[Aus]Sport (Adelaide) 31 Jan. 9/1: Ern B. is under the whip since he went back with his old Largs Bay tart .
when the whips are cracking

(Aus.) when the action begins.

‘Banjo’ Paterson Outback Marriage 243: ‘No fear,’ said the old man obstinately, ‘The boco’s one eye’s worth any horse’s two. Me an’ the boco will be near the lead when the whips are crackin’.’.
[UK]H.G. Lamond Towser the Sheep Dog 270: Take tea with ’em: be there at the finish of a long run [...] Whips are Cracking: see ‘Take tea with ’em.’.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 28 Sept. 16/3: In more-closely-settled areas the dogs don’t understand the command, ‘Go bogey’, which used to send my outback hounds streaking half a-mile to the nearest waterhole. But don’t worry – they’ll be there when the whips are cracking.
[Aus]R. Beilby Gunner 116: I’ll be there when the whips’re crackin’! I’ll keep up with you blokes if I hafta crawl!
whips and jingles (n.) (also whips and jangles)

1. nervousness, depression.

[US]F. Owen (ed.) Bedside Bonanza : [F]or a while I have a case of the whips-and-jingles, but by the time the plane three-points at the Glendale airport, I am pretty well sold on the idea.
[Can]H. Hood in Sat. Night 50/1: ‘Gave me a severe case of the whips and jingles when I heard the word’.
[US]Car & Driver 26 163: The method that now seems to be emerging — ‘when it’s ready we’ll put it on the market’ — while sure to give the marketing men whips and jangles [etc].
[US]‘Carter Dickson’ And So To Murder 103: ‘Got the whips and jingles?’ ‘Yes.’ Tilly [...] assumed a look of secrecy and mysteriousness.
J.D. Shachter Loose Shoes 129: Naturally, he’s [...] suffered the blues — what he calls ‘the whips and jangles’.
[US]D. Ainsworth In Extremis 137: ‘[T]he sight of my naked body would give him the whips and jangles’.

2. (US) withdrawal from alcohol or narcotics; thus in weak use, a hangover; also attrib.

[US]Maurer & Vogel Narcotics and Narcotic Addiction.
[US]H. & J. Backus What are You Doing After the Orgy? 117: I was caught in the morning with a severe case of the ‘whips and jangles’.
[US]Evergreen Review 8 32-34 45: [He] drank Mescal Triunfo [...] and shot the roof of his house full of bullet holes. Pard tells a story about waking one morning in Naco, all hung over, with the whips and jingles.
[US]W.W. Turner Drugs & Poisons 8: Periodically, he will be involved in some sort of a ‘panic,’ being unable to ‘score’ for his drug for one reason or the other, placing him in a state described by addicts as ‘the whips and jingles’.
J. Roe Same Old Grind 12: Bernie, the sax man, this morning as every morning afflicted with the whips and jingles,.
[UK]S. Mooney Mooney’s Practical Guide to Running a Pub 156: No one yet has died of the whips and jangles, but everyone who has them suspects he might become the first recorded fatality.
[US]R. Spears Sl. & Jargon Drugs & Drink 545: whips and jangles (also whips and jingles) symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol or narcotics.
[US]Schlaadt & Shannon Drugs of Choice 163: There is additional documentation of withdrawal symptomatology, including delirium tremens, hallucinations, shakes, sweats, whips-and-jangles seizures, and so on.
[US]M. Stone Totally Dead 24: ‘case of the old whips and jangles today, huh? [...] You know, you've been overdoing it pretty often lately’.
[US]P. Bowen Kelly and the Three-Toed Horse [ebook] I drunk it down and in about fifteen minutes the whips and jangles had gone.