Green’s Dictionary of Slang

whoozis n.

also Joe Whoozis, whoosis
[SE who’s this/it]

1. (US) an unknown or unspecifiable thing or person.

[US]Lit. Digest 56 77: Student Whoozis is given command of the company. The enemy, either simulated or represented, has his outposts flung across the hills adjacent to and bordering upon the National Highway.
[US]J. Van A. Weaver In American 73: And then him tellin' Pa about some painter That had a exposition in the Institute — All about Whoozis, some new Irish pote.
[US]Wood & Goddard Dict. Amer. Sl. 26: jagamaree. Something for which there is no other name, or whose name is momentarily forgotten; a thingumbob, thingumajig, what-dye-call-it, jiggumbob, jiggalorum, whoozis.
[US]D. Powell Story of a Country Boy 174: You could just him just as nuts about you as Whoozis is about me.
[US]H.C. Jackson ’Round Corners 170: Sometimes, when a friend tells us a story we suspect is pure eye-wash, and when we arch a dubius [sic] eyebrow, and he says: ‘If you don't believe me, ask Joe Whoozis,’ well— We ask Joe Whoozis.
[US]R. Graziano Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956) 229: I don’t care what this whoozis is vice-president of.
[US]L. Bruce How to Talk Dirty 83: You, Mrs. Ralph Whoozis from Alberta, Kansas!
[US]Orbit 52: ‘Gastroenteritis,¹ said Harry, after a pause. ‘Recurrent. Gets worse as you get older, I guess.’ ‘I knew dysentery was recurrent. I never heard that about gastro-whoozis’.
[US]J. Throckmorton Winning Direct Response Advertising 40: Don’t ever put the whoozis before the whazzis.

2. a penis.

[US]L.C. Pike Killer Instinct 77: There he was, in front of God, relatives, and everybody, with his whoozis plugged into his very own vacuum cleaner.
[US]N. Green Shooting Dr. Jack (2002) 184: I’ll give him to you with a bow tied around his whoosis.