Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bollock n.

see also compounds at ballock n.

In derivatives

bollocky (n.)

(UK teen) general neg. intensifier.

Skins ser. 1 ep. 1 [TV script] Sodding, fucking, bollocky shit, wank.

In compounds

bollockbag (n.) [SE bag/bag n.1 (1a)]

the scrotum, container of testicles.

Authorphillip ‘From Asia to Africa Part 11’ at 🌐 Fuck me just look at his bollock bag. A few nights like this and his balls will be scraping the ground.
bollockbrain (n.)

a general term of abuse; thus bollock-brained adj.

[UK]A. Sayle Train to Hell 21: What a fucking nob-headed, shit-faced, bollock-brained, turd-shaped, prick-arsed, wanker-faced cunt!
[Ire]M. O’Farrell After You’d Gone (2001) 253: I wonder what old Bollockbrain Friedmann would have to say about that. 16 Nov. 🌐 OK, the BBC could probably have worse presenters [...] but for the moment their favourite is still the bollockbrained bergasol-covered one.
bollockchops (n.) [chops n.1 (1)]

a derog. term of address.

[Ire]R. Doyle Van (1998) 369: Come here you, Bollockchops, said Billy.
[UK]N. Griffiths Sheepshagger 164: Oi, bollockchops. Yew gunner av a shot then or ar yew just gunner stand yer gawpin all fuckin day?
bollockhead (n.)

a general term of abuse.

P. Hamilton Reality Dysfunction 983: It was one fuck of a lot smarter than your brain, bollockhead.
bollock yoghurt (n.)


Wardy ‘Yiffy Artwork’ on 🌐 So if you nail yourself in the eye with your own bollock yoghurt then tough – your mother always said playing with yourself would make you go blind.

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