Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bite! excl.

[bite v. (1)]

tricked you! caught you!

[US]J. Addison Spectator 514: It is a superstition with some surgeons who beg the bodies of condemned malefactors, to go to the gaol and bargain for the carcass with the criminal himself... The fellow who killed the officer of Newgate, very forwardly, and like a man who was wiling to deal, told him, ‘Look you, Mr. Surgeon, that little dry fellow, who has been half starved all his life, is now half dead with fear, cannot answer your purpose... Come, for twenty shillings I am your man.’ Says the Surgeon, ‘Done, there’s a guinea.’ This witty rogue took the money, and as soon as he had it in his fist, cries, ‘Bite, I am to be hanged in chains.’ [F&H].
[UK]Swift Polite Conversation 43: miss.: Well; go hang yourself in your own garter; I’m sure the Gallows groans for you. nev.: Bite! miss; I was but in Jest.