Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cooze n.

also coose, coosie, cooz, coozee, coozey, coozie, cuze
[var. on cunt n./coo n.]
(mainly US)

1. the vagina.

[US] in P. Smith Letter from My Father (1978) 236: I touched her cuze.
[US] in P. Smith Letter from My Father (1978) 195: I felt her hot wet coozie.
[US]J.T. Farrell Gas-House McGinty 266: You’re Francis, the one and only original coose man. Before Adam laid bricks with Eve, you was.
[US]‘J.M. Hall’ Anecdota Americana II 120: It serves to stuff coozies, / A hard pseudo-tool.
[US] in G. Legman Limerick (1953) 225: There was a young lady of Grotton / Had to plug up her coosie with cotton.
[US]Guild Dict. Homosexual Terms 9: cooze (n.): [...] vagina.
[UK]F. Pollini Glover 55: Susie, you are my doozie. Lay here and pet my toozie. Oh ho, you are some coozie.
[US]L. Kramer Faggots 95: I might have landed my face in your cooze.
[US]Maledicta III:2 231: He also may or may not know the following words and expressions: [...] cinnamon stick (feces-stained penis, after coitus), coozey, cornhole (verb), up the crack, cut.
[US]S. King It (1987) 40: It’s a lot like a dead strumpet with maggots squirming out of her cooze.
[US]R. Campbell Sweet La-La Land (1999) 78: ‘You can’t tell me you’re not cold.’ ‘Only when the wind goes whistling up their cooze,’ Hogan said.
[UK]J. Baker Chinese Girl (2001) 182: While you’re parading your fucking cooz in front of some English guy.
[UK]M. Manning Get Your Cock Out 35: The evil snatch-salami thrashed around in his leathers like a great-white, hungry for cooze.

2. (also couse) a woman (usu. promiscuous or unattractive); by ext. a prostitute (e.g. cit. 1921).

[US]Dos Passos Three Soldiers 15: ‘It’s hell sayin’ good-by to girls,’ said Powers, understandingly. ‘Cuts a feller all up. I guess it’s better to go with coosies. Ye don’t have to say good-by to them.’.
[US]H. Roth Call It Sleep (1977) 409: Say, listen O’Toole dere’s a couple o’ coozies in de back.
[US]Goldin et al. DAUL 49/1: Coozey. (Collectively) Loose women; prostitutes.
[US]B. Schulberg On the Waterfront (1964) 96: Melva, the neighbourhood’s favourite teenage cooze.
[US]F. Kohner Gidget (2001) 15: Who’s that fine looking coozie?
[US]S. Longstreet Flesh Peddlers (1964) 263: Wanta get yo’ ashes hauled? He got coozee on call.
[US]E. Thompson Garden of Sand (1981) 549: He got ’im some little spic couse down by the river.
[US]T. Southern Blue Movie (1974) 36: The arrangement [...] was that Sid would lay starlet cooze on the maître d’.
[US]L. Kramer Faggots 320: He really did, now, once and for all, want to fuck a lady, get it over with, be able to boast i have fucked cooze.
[US]D. Woodrell Muscle for the Wing 203: You southern coozes, you don’t think it’s food if it ain’t fried, do you?
[US]T. Fontana ‘Capital P’ Oz ser. 1 ep. 4 [TV script] Women were excluded. Supreme fucking Couirt forced the Bohemian to let the coozes in. Can you believe that fucking shit?
Bazarov A Rube’s Story [Internet] Mos’ fellers jes’ don’t lust after the ol’ women the way they does after the young cooze.
[US]C. Cook Robbers (2001) 330: What you say, hoss? Was that the cowboy’s cooze?
[US]C. Goffard Snitch Jacket 151: Those lovely coozes just dropped by.

3. (also kuse) a term of abuse, i.e. a cunt n. (5)

[US]J.L. Riordan ‘A.V.G. Lingo’ in AS XXIII:1 30: Life among our little brown brothers — who were sometimes less affectionately referred to as slopies, coosies, or flange-heads — was much different from that among the Wogs in India.
[US]D. Waters Heathers [film script] What’s your damage? Brad says you’re being a real kuse.

4. a passive/effeminate homosexual.

[US]Goldin et al. DAUL 49/1: Coozey. (Collectively) [...] passive pederasts, or oral sodomists.

5. (US gay) a lesbian.

[US]Guild Dict. Homosexual Terms 9: cooze (n.): Lesbian.

6. a term of address to a sexually exciting woman.

[US]L. Heinemann Paco’s Story (1987) 13: Come awn, Coozie, why don’t y’all sit awn my face.

7. vaginal secretions.

[US]H. Gould Fort Apache, The Bronx 154: Corelli checked the couch [...] Nothing but a lot of slime. Her mother would be sitting on cooze for the next few weeks.
[UK]M. Manning Get Your Cock Out 25: Her cunt was lubed up beyond anything she’d ever dreamed possible, the wet cooze pulsing in rivers down her young thighs.

8. sexual intercourse with a woman.

[US]S. Morgan Homeboy 50: Day in, day out, goldtoothed pachooks ascratching on [the] screen door hissing how they do for cooz.
[US](con. 1964–8) J. Ellroy Cold Six Thousand 34: The pilot guy and the French guy want some cooze.

9. attrib. use of sense 8.

[US]K. Brasselle Cannibals 78: You’re a cooze-miser [...] If I waited for you to get me laid, I’d have gray hair and a snowy beard. [Ibid.] 125: Hell, why couldn’t Joey Bertell organize a coozie network from coast to coast?