Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cooze n.

also coose, coosie, cooz, coozee, coozey, coozie, cuze
[var. on cunt n./coo n.]
(mainly US)

1. [1920s+] the vagina.

2. [1920s+] (also couse) a woman (usu. promiscuous or unattractive); by ext. a prostitute.

3. [1940s+] (also kuse) a term of abuse, i.e. a cunt n. (5)

4. [1950s] a passive/effeminate homosexual.

5. [1960s] (US gay) a lesbian.

6. [1980s] a term of address to a sexually exciting woman.

7. [1980s+] vaginal secretions.

8. [1990s+] sexual intercourse with a woman.

9. attrib. use of sense 8.