Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cuntface n.

also cunt-pus
[cunt n. (1) + -face sfx/puss n.2 (2)]

a term of address to an unattractive person; a general derog. term.

[US]S. King Christine 90: How ya doin, Cuntface.
[Aus]B. Moore Lex. of Cadet Lang. 105: usage: ‘Just watch it, cuntface, or I’ll wipe that silly smile off your face!’. [Internet] I am going to start up my OWN t-shirt company so that I can do a t-shirt that says ‘I’m With Cuntface’.
[UK]J. Fagan Panopticon 7: El fuckmong, I call him, old cunt-pus.
[UK]I. Welsh Decent Ride 315: Right, Lawson, that’s it finito wi us, cuntface.

In compounds

cuntfaced (adj.) (also cuntface)

unattractive, a general derog. epithet.

[US](con. 1940s) G. Mandel Wax Boom 37: Get the hell out of here, you cunt-faced son of a bitch!
[US]G. Sorrentino Steelwork 6: Semper Fidelis, shape up, cuntface bastards!
[US]National Lampoon Aug. 16: His [...] cunt-faced, slut girl friend [HDAS].
in Wall [Internet] That’s to teach you a lesson Curzon-Brown, you fucking piece of shit fag, ass hole, maricon, puto, miefdero, ass lick, donkey fucker, you really do pick up boys on broad st. you cuntfaced fairy, queer.
[US]T. Udo Vatican Bloodbath 37: Irish foundlings and orphans were herded in for the delectation of the cunt-faced clerics.