Green’s Dictionary of Slang

splodger n.2

also sploger, splojer
[rhy. sl. = SE codger]

an old man.

[UK]Western Times 9 Feb. 6/3: Policeman Guppy [...] heard a conversation between the two prisoners [...] ‘What did the ‘splodger’ (fellow) say; did he find the ‘yack’ (watch) ‘blewed‘ (got rid of).
[UK]H. Mayhew Great World of London I 5: S’pose [...] I wanted to ask a codger to come and have a glass of rum with me [...] I should say, ‘Splodger, will you have a Jack-surpass of finger-and-thumb.’.
[UK]Leaves from Diary of Celebrated Burglar 55/1: How are you, old ‘splojer’. [Ibid.] 139/2: He gruffly ordered the old fellow off which treatment irritated the old ‘sploger’ to such a degree that he threatened to report the ‘peeler’.
[UK]J. Diprose London Life 74: [as cit. 1856].