Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Gay White Way n.

also Gay White Streak
[the term, in which gay is used in the conventional SE manner, i.e. cheerful, jolly, was a short-lived alternative to the longer-lasting Great White Way n.]

Broadway, New York City; thus used generically for similar entertainment centres in other cities.

[US]Ade ‘The New Fable of the Marathon in the Mud’ in Ade’s Fables 289: Now he could give the Cackle to all the Knights of the Road who had blown their Substance along the gay White Ways of Crawfordsville, Bucyrus, and Sedalia.
[US]O.O. McIntyre New York Day by Day 28 June [synd. col.] It was he who led Miss Tanzer up and down the Gay White Streak and posed as the gay and festive boulevardier.
[US]Valentine’s Manual of Old N.Y. 114: [heading] WHEN THE GAY WHITE WAY WAS DARK [...] The small beginnings of the ‘Gay White Way’ occurred in the early eighties of the last century.
[US]D.G. Rowse Doughboy Dope 17: Habitat: Some Gay White Way, either in New York or wherever he happens to be.
[US]Dos Passos Manhattan Transfer 78: ‘The Gay White Way,’ he said aloud in a croaking voice. ‘The Gay White Way.’.
[US]O.O. McIntyre New York Day by Day 5 June [synd. col.] A Broadway sentimentalist writes that the eventual passing of the Gay White Way is foretold in a descriptive romanza by Ford Madox Ford.