Green’s Dictionary of Slang

hookey (walker)! excl.

also hookee walker! hooky (walker)! with a hook!
[according to Bee, the proper name of John Walker, ‘an outdoor clerk’ at Longman, Clementi and Co.’s in Cheapside; Walker had a hooked or crooked nose and was used by the ‘nobs of the firm’ to spy on his fellow employees. Those upon whom he spied naturally declared that his reports were nonsense and since they outnumbered him, they tended to prevail. Hotten (1867) offers an alternative view, basing the phr. on ‘a person named Walker, an aquiline-nosed Jew’ who exhibited an orrery ‘the Eidoranion’ along which he would ‘take a sight’, which action, using an extended arm and a finger raised to the eye, was the equivalent of a dismissive gesture; Hotten also suggests another hook-nosed Walker, a magistrate]
[early 19C–1900s]

1. an expression of incredulity, nonsense! rubbish!

2. go away! be off! thus play Hookey Walker, to run off.