Green’s Dictionary of Slang

roll n.

1. in sexual senses.

(a) [mid-19C; 1940s] the penis.

(b) [1930s–40s] (US) the vagina [abbr. jelly roll n.].

(c) [1940s+] (orig. US) sexual intercourse; thus roll ass v., to have sexual intercourse [abbr. roll in the hay n. (1)].

(d) [1970s+] (US gay) in pl., the buttocks.

2. [mid-19C+] a bankroll.

3. [1950s–60s] (US black) a suit jacket.

4. in drug uses.

(a) [1960s] (US drugs) a roll of benzedrine tablets.

(b) [1960s] (UK drugs) a small measure of hashish.

(c) [1970s+] (US black) a month’s supply of contraceptive pills.

(d) [1980s+] three barbiturates, as sold by a dealer.

(e) [2000s] (US campus) a tablet of MDMA.

5. [1970s–80s] (UK black) a fight.

6. see roll-up n.2 (1)

In compounds

fat roll (n.)

[1900s+] (US Und.) a substantial bank roll.

roll of tarpaper (n.)

[1950s–70s] (US) a black man’s penis.

In phrases

flash (up) a/one’s roll (v.)

[late 19C+] to display one’s money.

gambler’s roll (n.)

[1920s-80s] (US) a roll of money with a high-value note visible on the outside, hiding only small denominations.

pimp roll (n.)

[2000s] a large roll of money.

pop a roll (v.)

[1970s+] (drugs) to swallow a number of pills at one go.

roll Jack Rice couldn’t jump over (n.) (also roll a cheetah couldn’t jump over, ...a greyhound..., ...a kangaroo...) [proper name of the racehorse Jack Rice, Aus. champion hurdler]

[20C] (Aus./US) a large quantity of money.

roll that would choke a mule (n.) (also bundle that would choke a cow, roll big enough to choke a bullock, ...billygoat, ...a hippopotamus, ...a horse, an army mule, ...a wolf, ...Big Mouth Annie, ...the tunnel, roll that would block the subway, roll that would choke a dog )

[late 19C+] (Aus./US) a large quantity of money.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

roll-in (n.)

see separate entry.

rollover (n.)

see separate entry.

roll-up (n.)

see separate entries.

In phrases

have a roll on (v.)

1. [late 19C–1910s] (UK teen) to swagger to put on airs.

2. to get into one’s stride, e.g. in a speech.

on a roll [SE roll, the roll of a dice]

[1970s+] (orig. US gambling) on a winning streak, enjoying a period of success, whether lit. or fig.

roll in the hay (n.)

see separate entry.

slow your roll (v.)

[1990s+] (US black) to slow down whatever one is doing.

In exclamations

go and have a roll!

[1910s+] go away! get lost!