Green’s Dictionary of Slang

lilywhite n.

1. [late 17C–early 19C] (also lilly white) a chimney-sweep [a heavy joke at the expense of the soot-blackened sweep].

2. [early 19C] (also lily) a black person [a heavy joke at the expense of the black-skinned individual].

3. [late 19C–1970s] a young male homosexual.

4. [1900s–40s] (US black, also lilywhiter) a white person who claims superiority on the grounds of their colour.

5. [1930s] (orig. US) in pl., a white person’s hands.

6. [1930s–70s] (US black, also lily) usu. in pl., bedsheets.

7. [1950s] (US) one who has no connections with any form of crime or corruption.

8. [2000s] (also clean skin) a drug trafficker who deliberately eschews ostentation to maximize their chances of avoiding arrest.