Green’s Dictionary of Slang

fruit loop n.1

[pun on the US breakfast cereal Fruit Loops/fruit n. (2)]

1. (US campus) the small loop (ostensibly for hanging the shirt when no hanger is available) on the upper back of many shirts; such a loop, supposedly, can be used to hold a victim ready for buggery (cf. fairy loop under fairy n.1 ).

[US]J. Grahn Another Mother Tongue 81: This tag, used for hanging up the shirt, is called a ‘fruit loop.’.
[UK]Kirk & Madsen After the Ball 21: The ‘fairy hook’ or ‘fruit loop’ found on the back of some shirts.
[US]J.W. Ware North Shore Story 67: [He] put on a blue button down shirt with the fruit-loop still attached in back.
[US]T. Gouin Coco-Colored Boy 111: ‘I bet you got a fruit loop shirt on tonight, don’t you Billy?’ laughed Dicky.

2. (US) a homosexual man or woman.

[US]‘Captain X’ & Dodson Unfriendly Skies 158: Many of these guys [i.e. flight attendants] have to take a lot of ribbing [...] ‘Great Airborne Fruit Loops’ [HDAS].
[US]T.C. West Disruptive Christian Ethics 65: A Latina lesbian, ‘a fruit loop’ over whom he had power.
[US]‘Noire’ Thong on Fire 105: For all I cared, them patty-cake, fruit-loop niggas coulda drilled each other.

3. (US gay) a freedom ring, one of a set of six metal rings in the colours of the rainbow worn to indicate that one is homosexual or sympathetic to homosexual causes.

[US]R. Scott Rebecca’s Dict. of Queer Sl. [Internet] fruit loop(s) — 1) slang for freedom rings.

4. a homosexual pick-up or cruising area .

[US]K. Dilallo Unofficial Gay Manual 91: Those versed in such esoterica recognize it as Dupont Circle (aka the Fruit Loop).
[US]J. Campbell USA et al. 310: Godfrey’s (308 E Grace St) and Barcode (6 E Grace St) are part of a circle of gay bars along Grace St, affectionately known as the fruit loop.

5. a derog. term for a group of homosexuals.

[US]J. O’Shea Daisy Chain 229: A ring of homosexual attorneys that the Texans dubbed the Fruit Loop.