Green’s Dictionary of Slang

nasties n.

1. (US black) sexual desire, lust.

[US]C. Major Juba to Jive.

2. the Nazis.

‘R. Crompton’ William The Detective 121: I’m jolly well not going to be called Her Hitler [...] Now I’m Him Hitler an’ we four are the nasties .
[UK]M. Panter-Downes ‘Battle of the Greeks’ Wartime Stories (1999) 63: Daddy says that if the Americans came over and fought, we’d have the Nasties beaten before the end of the year.
[UK](con. 1941) M. McGrath Silvertown 118: The Nasties ain’t gonna come back today, the bastards.

3. (US) any unpleasant, disgusting or scary thing (cf. nasty n. (1)).

[US]N. Spinrad Bug Jack Barron 19: Purposefully building himself up into the galloping nasties.
[US](con. 1963) P. Conroy Lords of Discipline 131: I felt silly in the new summer uniform the upperclassmen had called the ‘gray nasties.’ The uniform exuded a nauseating odor.
[UK]Beano Comic Library No. 176 48: But what about the dangers? The frights? The nasties?