Green’s Dictionary of Slang

power n.

1. [mid-19C+] the penis.

2. [late 19C–1930s] (US black) money.

3. [1920s] (US Und.) nitroglycerin.

4. [1990s+] (US prison) constr. with the, the authorities.

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In compounds

powerhouse (n.)

1. [1910s+] a strong, important, energetic and influential person; also attrib.

2. [1910s] (US tramp) a cheap bar or saloon.

power point (n.) [play on slant n. (4); ety. offered by a respondent to Moore, Lexicon of Cadet Language (1993), ‘So called because in a power point, that is the socket in the wall, the two top holes for the plug are on a slant and look like slanting eyes, and the bottom hole is vertical and looks like a nose, so the whole power point is said to resemble an Asian face ’]

[1980s+] (Aus.) a derog. term for an Asian.

power sludge (n.)

[1980s] (US campus) coffee.

power tool

see separate entries.

power trip

see separate entries.

In phrases

more power to your elbow (also more power to your small clothes, more speed to your elbow)

[early 19C+] an excl. of encouragement.