Green’s Dictionary of Slang

absquattle v.

[var. on absquatulate v. (1)]

(orig. US) of a person or animal, to leave, to run away, to abscond.

Ripley Transcript (MS) 30 Nov. 2/4: If anyone has squatted on my improvement and don’t absquattle before I get there, I will row you up Salt Creek [...] so help me, Moses!
Burtons’ Gentleman’s Mag. (Phila., PA) Dec. 289: Here’s jest a leetle horn apiece in the bottle — let’s licker once more round, and then absquattle.
[US]W.E. Burton Waggeries and Vagaries 17: Let’s licker one more round, and then absquattle.
[UK]Hereford Times 3 May 6/3: [from Amer. Humour] An intruder is requested to ‘make tracks and absquattle’.