Green’s Dictionary of Slang

vile n.

also vial, vil, vill, ville, voil
[Fr. ville, town; before late 17C only in combs., i.e. as -vile sfx]

a town or village.

[UK]R. Holme Academy of Armory Ch. iii item 68c: Canting Terms used by Beggars, Vagabonds, Cheaters, Cripples and Bedlams. A vile, a Town.
[UK]Hell Upon Earth 6: Vil, a Town.
[UK]Canting Academy, or the Pedlar’s-French Dict. 117: Market-Town A ville.
[UK]J. Poulter Discoveries (1774) 30: Three or four persons go to the Fair or Market, and put in at the first Ken (or House) they come to in the Vile (Town).
[UK]Whole Art of Thieving n.p.: A rum Vile for the File or Lift to Pitter-lay or Leather-lay; [...] a good town for the pick-pockets or shop-lifters, to steal Portmanteaus or leather-bags.
[UK] ‘Flash Lang.’ in Confessions of Thomas Mount 19: A town, a vile.
[UK]D. Haggart Autobiog. 89: I [...] walked rapidly along the back-street, and round a great part of the voil, till I came to the back of the King’s Arms Inn.
[UK]G. Kent Modern Flash Dict. 35: Voil – town.
[UK]Flash Dict. in Sinks of London Laid Open [as cit. 1835].
[UK]Leamington Spa Courier 4 Aug. 4/5: Take my advice quit the Voil and share the Whacks regular.
[UK]Kendal Mercury 17 Apr. 6/1: I gathered up my sticks and vent to another part of the voil (town), got half a bull (2s. 6d.) and hooked it.
[UK]Hotten Dict. of Modern Sl. etc. 114: VILLE, or vile, a town or village.
[UK]Hotten Sl. Dict. [as cit. 1859].
[UK]F.W. Carew Autobiog. of a Gipsey 416: We made a long road back to vile.
H.B. Law 2nd Army Air Service Bk n.p.: It was an ideal place for fatigue details with no ‘villes’ to slip off to.
[US](con. 1917–18) S.V. Benét Beginning of Wisdom 239: Stout manicured Middle Western clubwomen made pilgrimages of gush from their ‘burgs’ and ‘villes.’.
[Aus]Advertiser (Adelaide) 25 Oct. 32/7: The best of the ‘woolholes’ (workhouses) are given honorable mention, and all the 'ganny vials’ (towns where the police dislike hawkers and tramps) are listed.
[US]T. O’Brien If I Die in a Combat Zone (1980) 11: Captain says we’re gonna search one more ville today.
[US](con. 1967) Bunch & Cole Reckoning for Kings (1989) 91: When we go in that vill, I’ll be crawling your ass like we were married.