Green’s Dictionary of Slang

corky adj.

[the eruption of a cork from a bottle]

1. tipsy.

[UK]Era (London) 15 Aug. 3/3: It won’t do — he’ll be corky after all.
[UK]S.O. Addy Sheffield Gloss. 51: Corky, half-drunk.

2. short-tempered.

[UK]‘Cuthbert Bede’ ‘Æger’ in College Tales (1893) 220: He’s rather corky at the best of times [...] that won’t improve the old boy’s temper.

3. (Aus.) sprightly.

[Aus]Bell’s Life in Tasmania 12 July 2/7: [of a racehorse] The next is Miss Rowe, and a very aristocratic young lady she appears to be—a pretty, corkey, game looking mare.

4. (US) amusing, sophisticated.

[US]Nebraska State Jrnl (Lincoln, NE) 14 June 9/7: Whelps that are not genuine periodical tanks at all, but go on the bats because they think it’s corky and cute.