Green’s Dictionary of Slang

arse-wiper n.

[predates arsewipe n. but same idea; cf. later ass-wiper n.]

a sycophant.

[Ire]Joyce Ulysses 434: Hello, seventyseven eightfour. Hello. Freeman’s Urinal and Weekly Arsewiper here 1 hour.
[UK]M. Frayn Towards the End of Morning (2000) 9: I’m not your wet nurse, you know. I’m not your private arse-wiper. Try and use a bit of initiative, sonny!
[US]M. L’anglais My Enemies’ Enemies 134: Guyon you bloody idiot, the President's right-hand arse wiper.
M. Cumney Galore [ebook] A milksop and a zealot, a shameless bootlicker whose grandest ambition was to be appointed arsewiper to His Holiness the Pope.
[SA]P. Morris Bad City 273: He was a professional, possibly even one of a kind: the prime arse wiper.