Green’s Dictionary of Slang

hoga v.

[Hind. होगा (hogā), third person future of होना (honā), to be, to exist]

(Anglo-Ind.) to be suitable, to fit, to suffice.

[Ind]F.J. Bellew ‘Memoirs of a Griffin’ in Asiatic Jrnl & Mthly Register May 53: Smirks, our adjutant, quite a burra admee (great man) since he mounted the kantas (spurs), bucking up to and devilish sweet on the spinster; but it won’t hoga (do); nothing under the revenue or judicial department will go down there.
[Ind]J.H. Stocqueler Oriental Interpreter 101/1: HOGA, do. ‘That won’t hoga,’or do, is a phrase in every man’s mouth in India.
[UK]Hotten Sl. Dict. 155: HOGA, do. ‘That won’t HOGA,’i.e., that won’t do, is one of the very commonest of the Anglo-Indian Slang phrases. –Anglo-Indian.