Green’s Dictionary of Slang

boob v.1

[boob n.1 (1)]

(Aus./N.Z.) to imprison.

[Aus]Sun. Times (Perth) 27 Aug. 1/4: A beer-soaked bushïe was shot inside twice for the same old spree. He was re-boobed an hour and three-quarters after being bailed .
[NZ]N.Z. Truth 4 Aug. 4/8: [headline] Burglar-Bilker O’Neill Boobed.
[NZ]Truth (Wellington) 11 Jan. 5/7: The police were made acquainted with the affair, and Sims was promptly boobed.
[NZ]Eve. Post (Wellington) 30 Apr. 7/3: Martin came quietly as far as the high-street, but then asked what he was being boobed for.
[Aus]Truth (Melbourne) 3 Jan. 10/5: [headline] Brutal Bludger Boobed.