Green’s Dictionary of Slang

goozle n.

also goozle pipe, goozler, gozzle
[guzzle n. (1)]

(US) usu. of an animal, the windpipe; of a human, the throat, the Adam’s apple.

W.C. Brann Complete Works (1919) X 61: When the cotton-seed oil trust becomes too smooth, he’ll knock it on the head by adding a dollar an acre to cotton land, and so on until we get the cormorant fairly by the goozle.
[US]J.W. Carr ‘Words from Northwest Arkansas’ in DN III:ii 138: goozle, gozzle, guzzle, n. Throat.
W.C. Brann Works of Brann, the Iconoclast 67: Were it not better that savings bank depositors get ‘50-cent dollars’ than get it in the goozle?
[US]R.E. Howard ‘Circus Fists’ in Fight Stories Dec. 🌐 Cairn was growling [...] and kneading his gloves like he wisht it was my goozle.
[US]Z.N. Hurston Mules and Men (1995) 159: ‘Give us somethin’ to wet our goozles wid, and you kin git some lies, Zora,’ Jenkins prompted. I stood treats.
[US]W. Guthrie Bound for Glory (1969) 361: I suppose a soldier wouldn’t smack his goozler over a good big hot apercot pie right about now!
[US]Randolph & Wilson Down in the Holler 248: She acts like she’s got a fishbone stuck in her goozle.
[US]‘Iceberg Slim’ Mama Black Widow 164: Ah stick mah shank en you goozul pipe.
C.H. Mathes Tall Tales from Old Smoky 144: He ’lows he might like a apple or somethin’ to take the dust out o’ his goozle.
O.A. Burns Cold Sassy Tree 28: You look like you done swallered a goose aigg, Miss Mattie Lou, and it got stuck in yore goozle.
J.N. Steward I’Da Danced at His Hanging 12: That high rope will just skin a horse’s ears and whack a feller on the goozle.
C.H. Williams Gratitude for Shoes 490: When they wrung a chicken’s neck, they got the chicken by the goozle. Also, a man’s Adam’s apple is called his goozle.