Green’s Dictionary of Slang

whip-stitch! excl.

[note SAmE phr. every whip-stitch, at short or frequent intervals]

an excl. used to indicate a sudden movement or action.

[UK]T. Shadwell Virtuoso IV 74: I’ll slide down from the window [...] and, Whip Stich, your Nose in my Breech, Sir Nicholas. I’ll leave my Cloaths behind me.
[UK]N. Ward Wooden World (1708) 80: He shall cast ye a Knot, whip stich, in a Twinkling, as intricate as the Gordion one.
[UK]‘Nocturnal Sports’ in Universal Songster II 179/2: They‘re alvus so d—d troublesome vhen a body vants to vhipstich up a bit of a spree for a lark.