Green’s Dictionary of Slang

blow me! excl.1

also bloom me! blow me blue! blow me up!
[abbr. blow me tight! excl.]

an excl. of surprise.

[UK]G. Parker View of Society I 48: Blow me up (says he) if I have had a fellow with such rum toggys cross my company these many a day.
[UK]J. Poole Hamlet Travestie I ii: Now blow me if you go.
[UK]‘Sale of a Wife’ in C. Hindley Curiosities of Street Lit. (1871) 40: O! blow me, it was a spree.
Hobart-Town Cousier [sic] 28 Nov. 3/2: Blow me, but I am glad to see you.
[UK]Egan Bk of Sports 49: Blow me, if I don’t love a bit of life.
[UK]Duncombe Dens of London 48: Blow me, if one of the young ladies—and a prime un she was!—did not tip me a tanner.
[UK]Sinks of London Laid Open 43: [as cit. 1835].
[UK]Kendal Mercury 3 Apr. 6/2: Vy, blow me, if he dident turn up his blinkers (eyes) like a croaking quacker (dying duck), and said, ‘if you doesn’t give hover, I’ll get my mother to mill your napper (punch your head).
[UK]Hotten Dict. of Modern Sl. etc.
[UK]Wild Boys of London I 105/2: ‘Hallo!’ said Hallelujah, ‘if that ain’t Dick Lane’s voice, blow me!’.
[US]W.H. Thomes Slaver’s Adventures 357: Blow me, if this isn’t the best thing I ever heard of.
[UK]Charles Nott ‘In Old Kent Road’ 🎵 Said he, ‘Oh blow me, if it ain’t my Ria!’ She hitched her bustle up, and said, ‘You bet!’.
[UK]L. Stuart [perf. Vesta Tilley] The Little Madmoiselle 🎵 ‘Blow me, Liza - now what cheer? What ’yer doin’ over 'ere?’.
[Aus]W.T. Goodge ‘A Snake Yarn’ in Bulletin 21 Jan. 14: ‘You talk of snakes,’ said Jack the Rat, ‘But blow me, one hot summer, I seen a thing that knocked me flat – ’.
[Aus]W.T. Goodge ‘Hits! Skits! & Jingles!’ in Wannan Folklore of Aus. Pub (1972) 30: ‘Blow me blue!’ says Bill the Pinker.
[UK]Marvel III:55 6: Bloom me!
[UK]A.N. Lyons Arthur’s 288: Blow me if I don’t shake the innards outer you.
[UK]A.G. Empey Over the Top 44: With a look of disdain, he exclaimed: ‘Blow me, your shirt! Why in ’ell didn’t you use mud?’.
[UK]S. Scott Human Side of Crook and Convict Life 25: Blow me, Tom, ain’t ’e ’ot?
[UK]B. Lubbock Bully Hayes 26: Blow me if he didn’t set up Bully Hayes’s wife in the saloon business.
[Aus]N. Lindsay Age Of Consent 73: Blow me if I didn’t go to sleep.
[Aus](con. 1936–46) K.S. Prichard Winged Seeds (1984) 229: Blow me, Charles, if I don’t feel like buyin’ meself a new suit and goin’ over to Melbourne to try me luck.
[Aus](con. 1944) L. Glassop Rats in New Guinea 149: Blow me if the Nips didden crack like they done near Eora Creek.
[UK]‘Hergé’ Tintin and the Picaros 51: Blow me, look who’s here!
[UK]F. Taylor Auf Wiedersehen Pet Two 225: ‘Oh, blow me,’ he said. ‘You still in Spain?’.
[UK]L. Gould Shagadelically Speaking 18: ’Blow me’, The retort of Dr. Evil’s son, Scott, upon being asked by his father whether or not he wants ‘to see what Daddy does for a living’.
[UK]Observer Rev. 2 Apr. 3: Blow me, [...] the fastest-finger question was about the Royal Family.