Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dong n.1

[abbr. ding-dong n.3 , which predates general regional sl. use]
(orig. US)

1. (also dang, dange) the penis.

[UK] ‘The Bastard King of England’ in Bold (1979) 23: On Philip’s dong he slipped a thong.
[US]J. Steinbeck Grapes of Wrath (1951) 165: Tell ’em ya dong’s growed sence you los’ your eye.
[US] ‘Peter Pullin’ Blues’ in G. Logsdon Whorehouse Bells Were Ringing (1995) 273: Now just how long have you jerked your fuckin’ dong?
[US]J.P. Donleavy Ginger Man (1958) 379: She was just after your dong.
[UK]‘Count Palmiro Vicarion’ Limericks 23: A lady while dining at Crewe / Found an elephant’s dong in her stew.
[US]Wentworth & Flexner DAS 140/1: dang dange n. The penis.
[US]E. De Roo Big Rumble 92: Gonna meet that long-donged brother of yours.
[US]San Diego Sailor 13: Jeez, what a dong!
[US]B. Rodgers Queens’ Vernacular 49: the penis [...] dang (not as common as dong); dangle (since it just hangs there).
[US]J. Roe The Same Old Grind 77: The clubs [...] ain’t interested in no lesbo bitch, not even if she strapped on a rubber dong and did a double with you’.
[UK]F. Taylor Auf Wiedersehen Pet Two 211: I don’t want that Vicki comin’ out on the terrace and findin’ seven brickies’ dongs floatin’ on the water.
[US]S. Morgan Homeboy 157: A force that blew Stella’s head off the Mule’s dong like a faulty pipe fitting.
[US]‘Bootscooter’ August Moone 9:28 🌐 Spencer tried not to eye his friend’s erect dong .
[UK]D. Mitchell Black Swan Green 256: He poked his dong up Mr Caaarver.
[US]G. Pelecanos (con. 1972) What It Was 99: Guys who played with their dongs in public.
[Aus](con. 1943) G.S. Manson Irish Fandango [ebook] Mrs C was a real dong-stretcher.
[UK]J. Meades Empty Wigs (t/s) 339: At least with his dong in my mouth I couldn’t really clock it.

2. a general derog. term: a fool.

[UK]R. Beach Pardners (1912) 51: ‘Laugh, you old dong-beater,’ I yells [...] ‘or I’ll bust your cupola like a blue-rock.’.
[US] (ref. to WWII) T. Berger Crazy in Berlin 302: You dumb dong.
[UK]Guardian Guide 15 – 21 Apr. 93: He (somewhat predictably) asks, is Tony Blair ‘perhaps a bit of a dong?’.

3. a dildo.

[US]‘Randy Everhard’ Tattoo of a Naked Lady 48: Their hips were hypnotic as they thrust themselves onto the dong.

In phrases

doubledong(er) (n.)

(US) a dildo with two penis-shaped ends which can be used simultaneously by two people, usu. women.

[US]S. Morgan Homeboy 32: A striped doubledonger affair that promised a trip to the emergency room for the uninitiated.
[US]‘Randy Everhard’ Tattoo of a Naked Lady 46: We had a ribbed Dildosaurus in her pussy [...] and one end of a double-dong in her rear.
[US]C. Dunkan ‘Dobbstown Dollars ’🌐 After about the eightieth song, a myopic Bobbie with bad skin, open sores, and a doubledonger stuck up her slit walked up with a note on a silver tray.
flog one’s dong (v.)

to masturbate.

[US]C. Durden No Bugles, No Drums 107: He said word for floggin’ dong.
Netherworld News 26 Mar. 🌐 I flog my dong every day. I was powerless to stop myself from looking at smooth, young guys on the web and flogging my dong.