Green’s Dictionary of Slang

gage n.2

also gauge

[1930s+] (US drugs) marijuana; thus gage joint, gage pad, a place to smoke marijuana.

In compounds

gage butt (n.) [butt n.1 (2b)]

[1930s–50s] (drugs) a marijuana cigarette.

gage pad (n.)

a place for buying and/or smoking marjuana.

In phrases

blow gage (v.) (also blow gauge)

[1940s+] (orig. US black) to smoke marijuana.

gage up (v.)

[1930s+] (US black) to smoke marijuana.

get a/one’s gage up (v.) (also get one’s gauge up)

[1930s+] to excite or stimulate oneself, esp. from smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol.