Green’s Dictionary of Slang

trap v.1

(US black/drugs) to sell drugs, thus trapping, drug dealing.

Drama ‘Left, Right, Left’ [lyrics] Godby Road is where I trap, putting in work like a 9 to 5.
Yung Joc ‘Picture Perfect’ [lyrics] Niggaz trap all night in project hallways.
Big Boi ‘In The A’ [lyrics] Yeah, you may be able to out-trap me, but what?
[UK]Section Boyz ‘Trapping Ain’t Dead’ [lyrics] Trapping ain't dead / My connect’s still breathing. ‘Roadman Slang 4 Jun. [Internet] Trapping - dealing drugs.
[UK]Headie One ‘Ball in Peace [lyrics] This fiend don't want me to trap out her yard no more.
[UK]G. Krauze What They Was 21: Rob, shoot, trap, spend the profits on some diamond grillz for your teeth .

In derivatives

trapper (n.)

see separate entry.

In compounds

trap house (n.) [note also trap house under trap n.1 ]

a house or apartment used for drug dealing.

Gucci Mane ‘Trap House’ [lyrics] Made a hundred thou in my trap house.
Big Sean ‘First Chain’ [lyrics] Trap house built brick by brick, paid dues on dues.
[US]N. Walker Cherry 251: So you’ve got a surveillance truck parked outside your house and you’re running it like a trap house in the middle of the fucking suburbs.
[UK]G. Krauze What They Was 63: The real reason we came to this yard is because we needed a traphouse. We’ve started shotting big bits of cro .
trap star (n.)

a successful drug dealer.

Pastor Troy ‘4 My Hustlaz’ [lyrics] Niggaz they call trap stars.
[US]Fat Joe ‘Think About It’ [lyrics] We do it for them trap stars, serving them packs.
[US]Nas ‘Where’s The Love’ [lyrics] You know the real rap gods, typical trap star turned rap star.