Green’s Dictionary of Slang

scream n.

(orig. US)

1. [1900s–20s] an urgent message.

2. [1900s] (US) speechifying, propaganda.

3. [1900s–50s] someone considered excellent, attractive.

4. [1900s–20s] a success.

5. [1920s] the act of informing on or betraying a criminal accomplice.

6. [1920s+] a fuss.

7. [1920s+] a good time.

8. [1930s+] a complaint, esp. against criminal activities or to the police.

9. [1930s+] an alarm, a hue and cry.

10. [1980s+] an appeal against conviction or sentence.

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at full scream (adv.)

1. [1950s] (UK Und.) at the highest estimate.

2. [1980s] (US black) with total commitment, no holds barred.

old scream (n.)

[1920s] a person; usu. as a term of address.