Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Abe (Lincoln) n.

[Abraham Lincoln n.]

1. (Us Und.) a $500 bill.

[US]Sun (NY) 27 July 40/1: Everybody around the joint flashes a million dollars — it looks like it, with an Abe Lincoln on the outside of a Michigan bankroll. You’re jerry to the Michigan?

2. (US) a $5 bill.

[[US]R. Chandler High Window (1951) 158: I could use a five-dollar bill so rough Abe Lincoln’s whiskers would be all lathered up with sweat].
[US](con. 1940s) Deuce Ofay Productions ‘Jive Bible’ at 🌐 Abe: n. [...] Five bucks. ‘Slap me an abe, Joe! The T.J. hookers struttin’ on stage need their crotches filled!!’.

3. (US drugs) $5 worth of drugs.

[US]ONDCP Street Terms 1: Abe — $5 worth of drugs.