Green’s Dictionary of Slang

absogoddamlutely adv.

also absodamlutely
[SE absolutely + god-damn adj. (2)/damn adj. (3)]

(US) an intensified version of absolutely.

[US]Ocala Eve. Star (FL) 23 Dec. 2/2: I could mortgage the Ford [...] or not buy the baby new shoes [...] But I absodamlutely refuse.
[UK]J. Viertel To Love and Corrupt 271: ‘You’ll build me one, won’t you?’ ‘Absogoddamlutely.’.
Prospero’s Cell 10: You’re absogoddamlutely too goddam much, and I’m scared of you. OK?
posting at [Internet] I just have absogoddamlutely not a thing to say.