Green’s Dictionary of Slang

giblets n.

1. [mid-16C] the male genitals.

2. [mid–late 19C] (also jiblets) the intestines; thus an obese man.

3. by meton. one’s person .

4. [1990s+] the vagina, esp. with pronounced labia.

In compounds

giblet pie (n.)

sexual intercourse.

In phrases

join giblets (v.) (also join jiblets, mix giblets) [1681 poss. fig. only; 1769 may poss. have been a mistakenly delicate translation of a piece of 18C coarseness]

1. [mid-17C–19C] to have sexual intercourse.

2. [late 18C–early 19C] to cohabit with or without being married.

3. to form a partnership.