Green’s Dictionary of Slang

blockhead n.1

[SE block, a lump of wood + -head sfx (1)]

a fool, a simpleton, an idiot.

[UK]J. Heywood Epigrams upon Proverbs cxliii: Stumble at a strawe, and leape over a blocke, / Such stumblers are blockheads, or else they do mocke.
[UK]G. Gascoigne (trans.) Supposes II ii: Jesu, what a blockhead thou art!
[UK]Nashe Terrors of the Night in Works III (1883–4) 258: The lumpishest blockhead that euer went vpon two legs.
[UK]J. Cooke How A Man May Choose A Good Wife From A Bad Act I: O Asse, o Duns, o blockhead that hath left The plaine broad hie way.
[UK]Machin & Markham Dumbe Knight I i: Sirra you chop logicke, blockhead.
[UK]T. Tomkis Albumazar IV ii: Why, blockhead? Think’st to deceiue me too?
[UK]Massinger & Fletcher Double Marriage V i: Whip me this foole to death; he is a blockhead.
[UK]Ford ’Tis Pity She’s a Whore II iv: O, you think I am a blockhead, uncle.
[UK]Fletcher Night-Walker III i: You blocke head.
[UK]Witts Recreations Epigram No. 64: The title of block-head is his due.
[UK]C. Cotton Virgil Travestie (1765) Bk IV 112: Thou know’st the Temper of the Block-head.
[UK]T. Shadwell Epsom Wells II i: The methodical Block-head that is as regular as a Clock, and as little knows why he is so, is the man cut out by Nature and Fortune for business and government.
[UK]Otway Soldier’s Fortune II i: I know I’m a blockhead for’t, and she’ll use me like a blockhead too.
[UK]Congreve Double-Dealer IV ii: Your blockheads, like poor needy scoundrels, are forced to examine their stock.
[UK]Farquhar Constant Couple III v: clinch.: The note! – what note? stand.: The letter, blockhead!
[UK]Humours of a Coffee-House 17 Oct. 40: Whoever esteems them [...] proves himself such a Fanatical Blockhead.
[UK]S. Centlivre Gotham Election I i: A Pox of the unpolish’d Blockhead.
[UK]Penkethman’s Jests 15: The late Lord Dorset [...] was asking a certain Bishop why he conferr’d Orders on so many Blockheads.
[UK]Proceedings at Sessions (City of London) Apr. 16/2: He said, her Husband was a Blockhead, and he himself was a Gentleman, and a Scholar, and talk’d Latin.
[UK]Witchcraft of Love 46: Blockhead! you can’t make a Blockhead o’ me.
[UK]W. Toldervy Hist. of the Two Orphans I 37: Parson Drill muttered, sycophants! blockheads! parasites!
[UK]Johnson in Boswell Life (1906) I 319: Why, Sir, in the formulary and statutory part of law, a plodding blockhead may excel; but in the ingenious and rational part of it a plodding blockhead can never excel.
[UK]Sheridan Rivals (1776) II i: You blockhead, never say more than is necessary.
Rambler’s Mag. July 256/1: I have the mortification to see my brother (who entre nous is a dry silly blockhead) caressed, while I am scarcely regarded.
[UK]C. Dibdin ‘Life’s a Bubble’ Buck’s Delight 11: For if life is a flower, any blockhead may tell, / If you’d have it look fresh, you must moisten it well.
[UK]M. Edgeworth Belinda (1994) 228: Walk those horses about, blockhead!
[UK]W. Combe Doctor Syntax, Picturesque (1868) 85/1: Blockhead! and is it thus you treat / The men by whom you drink and eat?
[UK]‘An Amateur’ Real Life in London I 109: Die, like noble blockheads, for their pains.
[UK]Egan Bk of Sports 1832 20: He had shown himself little more than a Block-head, to suffer his conscience to be summoned into Court.
[UK]J. Grant Sketches in London 64: You blundering blockhead.
[UK]J. Lindridge Sixteen-String Jack 123: My blockhead of a fellow there seems to clash in angry opposition.
[US]W.G. Simms Forayers 221: When a blockhead behaves after this fashion, there’s something in it.
[UK]A. Mayhew Paved with Gold 343: Have you no sense, blockhead?
[UK]E. Eden Semi-Attached Couple (1979) 151: There is that blockhead, La Grange, to make his ungrammatical remarks on us.
[UK]Leeds Times 23 May 6/6: ‘Confound you, you blockhead!’ roared the captain.
[US]W.H. Thomes Bushrangers 85: ‘Fact of it is,’ continued his lordship [...] ‘the opposition persist in calling me a blockhead.’.
[US]Fayette Co. Herald (OH) 16 Jan. 1/6: In the well graded school the smart pupil gravitates to his proper place and the blockhead gravitates to his.
[US]H. Frederic Seth’s Brother’s Wife 384: It makes a man ashamed [...] to see th’ foolish ways these here blockheads git caught.
[Aus]H. Lawson ‘Ghost at the Second Bridge’ in Roderick (1967–9) I 164: You’d call the man a senseless fool,— / A blockhead or an ass,— / Who’d dare to say he saw the ghost.
[UK]Boy’s Own Paper 20 Oct. 38: Sarsons called him a blockhead.
[US]‘O. Henry’ ‘Clarion Call’ Voice of the City (1915) 196: You’ve had this murder case worked over by your staff of bright young blockheads.
[UK]Marvel 9 Aug. 4: Well, ob all de soft and senseless blockheads —.
[US]M. West Pleasure Man (1997) II i: A blockhead throwin’ kisses to a wood-pile.
[US]H. Roth Call It Sleep (1977) 148: Ask that blockhead in uniform, how one escapes this jungle of stone and fabric.
[US]Monteleone Criminal Sl. (rev. edn).
[UK]A. Petry Narrows 339: Empty the garbage cans, blockhead.
[US]F. Kohner Gidget Goes Hawaiian 96: I’m the world’s most giant blockhead.
[UK]C. Dexter Last Bus to Woodstock 64: The illiteracy and incompetence of some poor blockhead of a typist.
[UK]P. Reading ‘The Euphemisms’ in Tom O’Bedlam’s Beauties 42: Addle/Silly/Chuckle/Dunder/ Sap/Bone/Block/Thick/Muddle/Crack/ -Heads.
[US]B. Hamper Rivethead (1992) 129: It was time for some recognition from those blockheads.