Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dinero n.

also denero

(orig. US) money.

A. Somerville Narrative of the British Auxiliary Legion [in Spain] 152: One would say, who had a good sum to receive, ‘never mind bein' particular, hand here the dinero (money); faith Saturday nicht’s come at last!’.
[US]Butte Record 29 Aug. 2/6: They pungled the dinero, and observed that, as it was cheap, they had a mind to play the ‘balance of the day out’ [DA].
[US]K. Munroe Golden Days of ’49 262: Me and my pard was scooping in a pile when three galoots [...] played it low down on us and vamosed with the dinero.
[US]A.H. Lewis Wolfville 148: The barkeep pays Boggs the dinero.
[US]S.E. White Arizona Nights 121: As fast as each one handed over his dust or dinero he made a rush for his cabin.
[US]Ade ‘The New Fable of the Lonesome Camp’ Ade’s Fables 261: After [...] the Collectors had brought in the Dinero, then Elam had to sit at a Mahogany Desk [...] and figure how much of the hard-earned Mazuma would be doled out to his greedy Employees.
[US]Van Loan ‘The Extra Man’ Buck Parvin 21: It’s the dough that counts with the dolls – the dinero; the iron men; the large, smilin’ yaller boys.
[US]D. Hammett ‘Corkscrew’ Story Omnibus (1966) 204: Try him out and we’ll talk dinero.
[US]F. Nebel ‘Winter Kill’ in Goulart (1967) 119: You said you didn’t want Parcell to drive home because he might crack himself up and you fellows would be out some dinero.
[WI]L. Bennett ‘Jamaica Patoah’ in Jamaica Dialect Verses 1: When she sell me dun she sey / ‘Add dem up senorita, / For is hard fe intiende dis / Jamaica diniera’.
[US]W.D. Overholser Buckaroo’s Code (1948) 83: Claims he wants to make a big spread out of it, and he’s got the dinero to do it.
[UK]C. MacInnes Absolute Beginners 90: So it’s a touch? You need a bit dinero? Five pounds do?
[US]P. Thomas Down These Mean Streets (1970) 75: The bodega was a drop-off for the bolita runners, and I figured the day’s bread was in that bag. That was a lot of dinero.
[US](con. 1970) J.M. Del Vecchio 13th Valley (1983) 26: Mama-san makes beaucoup dinero off my orders.
[US]J. Wambaugh Finnegan’s Week 255: I’m talking about big money. Robo bucks. Humungous dinero!
[US]‘Randy Everhard’ Tattoo of a Naked Lady 67: Coeds who needed denero.
[US]G. Tate Midnight Lightning 45: Sold at auction by Sotheby’s for mucho dinero.