Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Thai adj.

SE used as a drug ‘brandname’

In compounds

Thai (stick) (n.) (also ti-stick)

(drugs) a form of marijuana grown in Thailand, soaked in hashish oil and sold tied around a thin stick resembling a satay skewer.

[UK]Times 14 Aug. 2: A customs and Excise officer, Mr Roderick Marr, said two parcels were opened at the overseas mail office and found to contain photograph albums packed with thai sticks, a form of cannabis.
[US]A. Brooke Last Toke 132: A taste of ti-stick that still hung – its acrid smell obvious – in the cloud near the ceiling.
[US]J. Wambaugh Glitter Dome (1982) 84: Someone had crept into the men’s restroom and unloaded Captain Woofer’s tamped and loaded briar, reloading it with very high grade hashish or Thai stick.
[US]T. Williams Crackhouse 147: blunt – cigar with most of the tobacco removed, refilled with cocaine and marijuana (coke blunt) or sinsemilla, Thai, indica, or other high-grade marijuana (buda blunt).
[US]T. Dorsey Florida Roadkill 150: One day it’s meth, another day psilocybin [...] Then it’s Thai sticks.
[US]J. Ellroy ‘Where I Get My Weird Shit’ in Destination: Morgue! (2004) 42: We toke Thai stick and talk.
Thai tabs (n.)

(US drugs) dianabol, a form of methamphetamine.

Interpol 13th International Forensic Science Symposium [Internet] Methamphetamine use continues to increase with the introduction of ‘Thai tabs’ from Southeast Asia.
[US]Microgram Bulletin XXXVII:1 5: [Internet] The Source Determination Program of the DEA Special Testing and Research Laboratory (Dulles, Virginia) recently received some ‘Ya-Ba’ tablets (also known as ‘Thai Tabs’) heatsealed in what appeared to be plastic drinking straws.
Thai white (n.)

(drugs) a variety of heroin, refined in Thailand.

[Aus]L. Davies Candy 8: It’s not all that heavily refined — it’s not the Thai white or even pink rocks.