Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Injun n.

also Ingen, Ingin, Injin, Injunn

(US) a Native American; a Native American language.

[US]J.K. Paulding Bucktails (1847) V ii: I’m half horse, half alligator, and a little of the Ingen, I guess.
[US] J. J. Neal Brother Jonathan III 386: Injunn, or no Injunn – she’d royal blood in her.
[US]J.K. Paulding Westward Ho! I 76: And on every hand we saw excellent land, / Where none but the Ingens resided.
[US]D. Crockett Col. Crockett’s Tour to North and Down East 228: I’ll send you the song we used tu sing when we fit the Ingins.
[US]R.M. Bird Nick of the Woods I 62: A dead Injun, to be sure.
[US]L.H. Medina Nick of the Woods I i: As proper a fellow as ever you saw. Killed two Injuns once, single-handed.
[US]White Cloud Kansas Chief (KS) 4 June 1/3: ‘This old tool, ’ he said, tapping his rifle [...] ‘She shoots centre, she does; and thar’s never a bar, or buffler, or injun, that’s missed her say’.
S. Winner ‘Ten Little Injuns’ in Opie Oxford Dict. of Nursery Rhymes (1951) 328: Ten little Injuns standin’ in line / One toddled home and then there were nine.
[US]H.B. Stowe Oldtown Folks 191: Old Ketury could say the Lord’s prayer in Injun.
[US]J.H. Beadle Undeveloped West 620: In the slang of the mountains, the Navajoes are ‘my pet Injins’.
[US]G. Devol Forty Years a Gambler 20: Playing on the square with big ‘Injins’.
[Aus]‘Rolf Boldrewood’ Robbery Under Arms (1922) 227: It’s a plaguey sight safer than letting her carry it in her mind, and then laying for yer some day when ye haven’t nary thought of Injuns in your head.
[US]F.H. Carruth Voyage of the Rattletrap 14: They’ll all be scalped by Injuns.
[US]H. Green Actors’ Boarding House (1906) 47: He didn’t say where the Injuns had found this wealth to cache.
[US]S.E. White Arizona Nights 8: Apaches are the worst Injins there is for tortures.
[US] ‘Bill Peters’ in Lingenfelter et al. Songs of the Amer. West (1968) 60: When Injuns hove in sight [...] he druv with all his might.
[US]H.L. Wilson Somewhere in Red Gap 340: That white man still have smallpox to give all Injins he travel to.
[US]‘Max Brand’ Rustlers of Beacon Creek (1935) 205: They’re Injuns. They ain’t white!
[UK]E. Waugh Vile Bodies 198: ‘The Honest Injun,’ a workmens’ dining-room and a fried-fish shop.
[UK]Whizzbang Comics 62: I’d have died all right, if an Injun hadn’t found me, stiff and frozen, an’ nursed me back to life.
[UK]Willans & Searle Complete Molesworth (1985) 235: This low, vulgar game of cowboys and injuns – beg pardon, indians.
[US]S. Longstreet Flesh Peddlers (1964) 181: Smart Injun never tell paleface too much.
[US]E. Torres After Hours 59: Colombia’s wild west, by the time I get it checked out, them Injuns have me blown away.
[UK]Observer Mag. 13 June 32: Not bad for a ‘redneck injun’ who turns 70 next month.