Green’s Dictionary of Slang

lush adj.3

[lush n.2 ]
(mainly US)

1. hedonistic, luxurious.

implied in lush up v. (1)
[US]H.A. Smith Rhubarb 20: There’s a sloppy at Bonwit’s and Myra yearns for it. It’s zoomy! It’s groovy! It’s beauteous! It’s lush! It’s eighteen bucks!
[US]H. Simmons Corner Boy 155: It’s lush life for you now, isn’t it, lady?
[US]C. Cooper Jr Syndicate (1998) 6: Talk about a lush joint, Lilly’s was the most.
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Sept.

2. wealthy.

[US] in Amer. Mercury June 230: Lush: prosperous [HDAS].
[US]C. Himes ‘Let Me at the Enemy’ in Coll. Stories (1990) 40: A lotta cats [...] slip up here an’ cop this slave sayin’ they goin’ east an’ come back all lush.
[US]Lait & Mortimer USA Confidential 12: These were lush days for the boys, while they were making billions in legal liquor, extortion, labor rackets, etc.