Green’s Dictionary of Slang

beige n.

[SE beige, yellowish-grey]

1. (US black) a light-skinned black person.

[US] ‘Jiver’s Bible’ in D. Burley Orig. Hbk of Harlem Jive.
[US]Wentworth & Flexner DAS.
[UK]A. Hollinghurst Swimming-Pool Library (1998) 202: I thought you must be down here after a bit of beige. That’s what most of the white guys come here for.
[US]‘Touré’ Portable Promised Land (ms.) 151: We Words (My Favorite Things) [...] My people, my people... Yes, yes, y’all. Eight-ball-black. Brown. Bronze. Beige. Ebony.

2. (UK Black/drugs) crack cocaine or heroin.

M. Dargg ‘Upsuh’ [lyrics] The kittys are calling they’re catting the beige.
410 ‘Civilians’ [lyrics] Beige all lookin like Fufu / Brown just lookin like grandma.

In compounds

beige frame (n.) [frame n.1 (1)]

(US black) ‘smooth brown skinned girls, girls with heavy tan’ (Durst, The Jives of Dr Hepcat, 1953).

[US]L. Durst Jives of Dr. Hepcat (1989) 8: A cat who has been everywhere and seen everything. He has cruised upstate and eyeballed the ickies and beige frames.