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OK, n. agreement, go-ahead, approval.
OK, adj. 1. good, fine, satisfactory, acceptable, occas. splendid. 2. safe, unharmed. 3. up to date, fashionable, e.g. it’s the OK thing to do. 4. of a person, good, decent, e.g. an OK guy. 5. constructed with with or about, comfortable, at ease with. 6. well supplied with, usu. money.
OK, v. 1.  to pass, to approve, to ‘give the go-ahead’. 2.  to pay someone’s bill.
OK, adv. well; in a satisfactory manner, all right.
OK!, excl. a statement of agreement: all is fine, everything is in order, I agree, go ahead etc; also used interrog. OK?, do you agree?
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oak, n. 1.  in a team of confidence tricksters, the one who keeps a watch. 2. a rich man, a man of substance.
Ocker, n. a nickname for anyone called Oscar.
OK sign (n.) a hand sign made of a circle with thumb and forefinger, and other fingers upright, to indicate approval, good quality or excellence.
under OK!, excl.
okapi, n. a single-bladed knife with a pattern of three stars on the handle.
okapi, v. to stab someone.
okay, see under OK.
okay-doke!, excl. see okey-doke! excl.
OK coakley, adv. fine, satisfactory.
oke, n.1 a fellow, a chap; also as a term of address (cf. okie n.).
oke, n.2 see oak n.
oke, adj. all right.
oke!, excl. all right!
okeblo, n. a man, a fellow.
okeblow, n. a man, a fellow.
okedoke, see under okey-doke.
okee-doke(e)!, excl. see okey-doke! excl.
okeh, see under OK.
okel-dokel, adj. see okey-doke adj.1
okely-dokely!, excl. see okey-doke! excl.
okey, see under OK.
okey-doke, n.1 a prison.
okey-doke, n.2 1. white values and opinions. 2.  a swindle, a confidence trick. 3. stupidity, foolish talk. 4. the best, the utimate.
okey-doke, adj.1 good, acceptable.
okey-doke, adj.2 deceitful, swindling.
okey-doke, v. to swindle.
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