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hot dog! see separate entry.
under hot, adj.
hot dog, n.1 1.  a spiced, heated sausage or frankfurter, served on a split roll and trad. garnished with sauerkraut and mustard; thus hotdoggery n., a place selling hot dogs. 2. attrib. use of sense 1. 3.  the penis. 4.  a homosexual; also attrib. 5. a piece of canine excrement.
hot dog, n.2 1. one who is particularly proficient at an occupation or activity, esp. a successful gambler. 2. a show-off. 3. in ironic use, an unpleasant or incompetent person. 4. something exciting, amusing.
hot dog, adj.1 1.  good, excellent. 2.  showy, flamboyant. 3. greedy.
hot dog, adj.2 1.  pornographic. 2. homosexual.
hot dog, v.1 1. to prioritize, to find important. 2. to grab for oneself.
hot dog, v.2 1. to show off. 2. to chase, to harass, to pursue. 3.  to perform very well.
hot dog!, excl. an expression of delight or strong approval.
hot-dogger, n. 1. a show-off, a braggart. 2. a successful, talented individual.
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