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Mickey Mouse, n. 1. in derog. senses . (5 subsenses) 2. in rhy. sl. (2 subsenses) 3.  ref. to the orig. black and white Disney cartoons. (2 subsenses) 4.  a watch .
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Mickey Mouse, adj.1 1.  second-rate, badly made, artificial; thus Mickey Mouse music, commercialized jazz or pop music. 2. small, miniature. 3.  silly, puerile, contemptible. 4.  easy, facile.
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Mickey Mouse, adj.2 excellent, wonderful, the best.
Mickey Mouse, v. to fool around, to botch; often as Mickey Mouse around, Mickey Mouse it.
Mickey Mouse in the house, and Donald Duck don’t give a fuck a phr. used to encourage party guests to move to a new and more abandoned level of self-indulgence.
under Mickey Mouse, n.
Mickey Mouse ears (n.) siren lights on a police car.
under Mickey Mouse, adj.1
Mickey Mouse habit (n.) a limited addiction to or occasional use of heroin.
under Mickey Mouse, adj.1
Mickey Mouse money (n.) 1. any unfamiliar currency, incl. the UK’s decimal coins in the immediate aftermath of their introduction. 2. counterfeit money.
under Mickey Mouse, adj.1
Mickey Mouse ticket (n.) a disciplinary report.
under Mickey Mouse, adj.1
Mickey Mouser, n. a Liverpudlian.
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