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Trump, n. methamphetamine.
trump, n.1 an act of breaking wind audibly; occas. also a similar sound emitted from the vagina during intercourse.
trump, n.2 1. an admirable person, an excellent fellow; also as term of address, my trump. 2. an excellent thing; a stroke of luck. 3.  a person in charge. 4. money.
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trump, adj. rich and successful, with overtones of flashiness.
trump, v. to break wind loudly; occas. also of the vagina, to make a similar noise during intercourse; thus trumping n. and adj.
trump of the dump (n.) see sense 3 above .
under trump, n.2
trump tight (adj.) first class, fully worked out.
under trump, n.2
trumpery, n. a worn-out old prostitute.
trumpet, n. 1. the nose. 2.  a vain man. 3. an act of breaking wind. 4. the telephone.
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trumpet, v. to break wind.
trumpeter, n. 1. one who belches or breaks wind. 2. one who has bad breath . 3. a general term of affectionate address.
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trumpeters, n. ‘irons which connect…ordinary leg-chains with a bazil [bezel] riveted around each leg immediately below the knees’ (‘Price Warung’, Tales of the Early Days, 1894).
trumpie, n. a braggart, a boaster.
trump the hump, v. to climb a hill.
trumpy, adj. of a person, admirable, first-rate.
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