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plain-turkey, n. a tramp, a vagrant living in the Great Plains of Western Queensland.
turkey, n.1 1. a state of drunkenness . 2.  a vagrant’s pack, a lumberman’s kit pack . 3.  a suitcase; a large traveling bag . 4. in senses of failure, weakness . (7 subsenses)
23 sub-entries
turkey, n.2 an Irish immigrant; also as adj.
turkey, n.3 1. amphetamine. 2.  cocaine.
turkey, n.4 see plain-turkey n.
turkey, adj.1 1.  easily accomplished and enjoyed or desired. 2.  cowardly.
turkey, adj.2 see turkey n.2
turkey, v.1 to strut around.
1 sub-entry
turkey, v.2 to breathe marijuana smoke through the nose.
bee’s knees, n. 1. a superior person, or someone who poses as such. 2. of things, the best, the superlative.
turkeymeat (n.) see sense 4g above.
under turkey, n.1
turkey neck (n.) the penis.
under turkey, n.1
turkey spanker (n.) a masturbator.
under turkey, n.1
turkey on a string (n.) one who is infatuated and thus easily led and controlled.
under turkey, n.1
turkey out (v.) to run off, to act in a cowardly manner.
under turkey, n.1
turkey buyer (n.) a rich person.
under turkey, n.1
turkey-buzzard (n.) 1.  a white man, usu. derog. 2. see buzzard n. (6)
under turkey, n.1
Turkey Day (n.) Thanksgiving.
under turkey, n.1
turkey gobble (n.) fellatio; thus turkey gobbler, a fellator/fellatrix.
under turkey, n.1
turkey merchant (n.) 1. one who buys and sells turkeys, a poulterer . 2.  a dealer in smuggled silk . 3. a street-seller of rhubarb.
under turkey, n.1
turkey’s elbow (n.) see bee’s knees n.
under turkey, n.1
turkey shoot (n.) 1.  a combat in which one’s own side wins without any difficulty, killing and destroying on a large scale; also in fig. use. 2. anything exceptionally easy.
under turkey, n.1
turkey tail (n.) a term of abuse.
under turkey, n.1
turkey off (v.) to leave in a hurry, to run off.
under turkey, n.1
turkey out (v.) to back down, to exhibit cowardice.
under turkey, v.1
Turkey puddle, n. coffee.
Turkey trot, n. diarrhoea suffered by tourists.
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