Green’s Dictionary of Slang

set n.2

1. in senses of theatre/film jargon set, the backdrop to the action.

(a) [1950s+] (US black) wherever the hedonistic, criminal or night life takes place.

(b) [1950s+] (US black) a party, a gathering.

(c) [1960s+] (drugs) a place where drugs are sold.

(d) [1980s+] (US black) the neighbourhood.

2. see dead set n. (1)

In phrases

break to the set (v.)

[1950s+] (US black) to move to or arrive at a gathering.

bust someone’s set (v.)

[1990s+] (UK black) to ruin an atmosphere.

pull to a set (v.)

[1970s+] (US black) to attend a party.