Green’s Dictionary of Slang

hit adj.

1. (US) in love.

[US]G.R. Chester Five Thousand an Hour Ch. i: For heaven’s sake, Johnny, don’t say you’re hit too.

2. drunk.

[US]K. Cook Wake in Fright [ebook] You were stung [...] Hit. Blotto, blind, inebriated — call it what you like.

3. (US campus) in trouble.

[US]Hope College ‘Dict. of New Terms’ [Internet] hit adj. A word used to describe the state of being in a bad position, with an emphasis on something being unsolvable. ‘My alarm didn’t go off. I missed an exam. I’m hit.’.

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hit under the wing (adj.)


[UK]A. Smith Adventures of Mr Ledbury I 47: The wine, had such an effect [...] he being, to use his friend’s expressive phrase, ‘hit under the wing, so that he couldn’t fly’.