Green’s Dictionary of Slang

stick it v.

1. [mid-19C+] (also stick in, stick on, stick it through) to persist, to continue in something, esp. a job.

2. [2000s] (US teen) to succeed in an achievement or trick.

In phrases

stick it out (v.)

[mid-19C+] to persist, to tolerate a situation (esp. an unpleasant one).

stick it through (v.)

see sense 1 above.

SE in slang uses

In phrases

stick it into (v.)

1. [early 19C+] to charge extortionately.

2. [mid-19C] (also stick it on) to defraud, to rob, to take advantage of.

3. [20C+] (Aus.) to beg for a loan.

4. [20C+] (also stick it in, stick it off, stick it up) to have sexual intercourse (with).

5. see stick it to

stick it on (v.)

1. [mid–19C] (US) to increase prices.

2. [1950s] to accuse unfairly, to ‘frame up’.

3. [1950s+] to hit, to beat.

4. [1980s] (N.Z.) to have sexual intercourse.

5. see stick it into

stick it to (v.)

1. [1970s+] to defraud; to take advantage of.

2. [1940s+] (US) to treat harshly; to assault violently.

3. [1970s+] (US) to copulate.

4. [1990s+] to tease, to malign, to attack.

5. [2000s] in fig. use, to consume.

stick it up someone’s ass (v.) [ass n. (2)] [1950s+] (US)

1. (also shove it up someone’s ass, ...rear, tuck it up someone’s ass) to humiliate, to treat badly.

2. to betray, to let down.