Green’s Dictionary of Slang

coldrifed adj.

also coldrifed
[dial. coldrife, indifferent, spiritless; ult. SE cold]

(Irish) nervous, hesitant, unwilling to take a risk.

[Ire]J. O’Connor Come Day – Go Day n.p.: ‘Ah, I never seen such a pack of coldrifed craythurs in my life,’ Neilly blurted [BS].
[UK]Ulster Herald 20 Dec. 6/4: The recent cold weather has been largely responsible for a falling-off in the attendances at the physical training classes [...] but ‘cold-rife’ members should note that the hall is always fully heated on each club night.
at [Internet] He frowned on longpants, hats and scarves [...] advising us thin-blooded, cold-rifed weaklings to ‘put a little olive oil on the knees, that’s all you need’ .
[Ire]S. Heaney Midnight Verdict (2000) 32: You’ve had your warnings, you cold-rifed blirt.
jipps [Internet] [photo tag] With a nod to decorum or at least whatever inclination my poor and near as coldrifed neck could make.