Green’s Dictionary of Slang

holler v.

1. [early 18C+] (also hollow) to shout, to scream, to complain.

2. [mid-19C–1920s] (US) to surrender, to admit defeat.

3. [1940s+] to confess, to betray one’s criminal associates.

4. [1960s] to sing.

5. [1980s+] (US black) to ridicule, to abuse.

6. [1990s+] (US campus) to visit.

7. [2000s] (US black) to demand, to ask for.

8. [2000s] (US teen) to greet.

9. [2000s] (US campus) to phone or talk to someone.

In phrases

holler (bloody) murder (v.)

see under murder n.

holler calf-rope (v.) (also cry calf-rope, yell calf-rope)

[19C+] (US, orig. Western/Southern) to give in, to surrender, to admit defeat, esp. in children’s games.

holler copper (v.)

see separate entry.

holler New York (v.) [echoic]

[1960s+] (US) to vomit .