Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cold adv.

1. [late 19C+] (US) absolutely, completely, utterly.

2. [1910s+] unprepared, unannounced.

3. [1960s] (drugs) in the context of giving up an addiction, without the aid of any medication.

4. [1980s+] (orig. rap music) definitely, indeed, just.

In compounds


see separate entries.

cold-busted (adj.)

[1980s+] (US campus) caught in the act.

cold chill (v.) [1980s+]

1. (US) to relax.

2. (US black) to perturb, to spook.


see separate entries.

cold-crushing (adj.)

[1980s+] (US black) a general term of approval; thus cold crusher n., something outstanding.

cold lamping (n.) [lamp v.2 (3)]

[1990s+] (US black) acting in a relaxed manner.

In phrases

have someone cold (v.)

[1910s+] (orig. US) to have at one’s mercy, to have at a disadvantage.

have (something) down cold (v.)

[20C+] (US) to know something thoroughly.